Devil May Cry 4 | Costumes

Devil May Cry 4 has been slated to get a Special Edition for sometime now, and it has recently revealed to include not just Vergil, but Lady and Trish as playable characters. Capcom has also revealed that Japan is getting a limited edition of the game, with some extra content. However, only Japan is getting a retail edition and the limited edition, while everywhere else is getting a digital release, similar to the recent Resident Evil Remastered release.

The Limited Edition includes a 64-page artbook that contains an interview with Capcom director, Hideaki Itsuno, the game’s soundtrack, and three alternate covers for the game, featuring Dante and Nero, Lady and Trish, and Vergil. The retail edition also includes three sets of DLC, Trish’s Gloria costume from Devil May Cry 4, Lady’s Devil May Cry 3 costume and 30,000 orbs for use in-game.

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition’s Limited Edition can be pre-ordered from e-Capcom for 7398 yen ($62.10), while the retail copy can be pre-ordered for 4490 yen ($37.69). It is set for release in Japan on June 18th in Japan. A U.S. release date is still to be announced.

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

Arvind Radakrishnan
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