God Eater 2 Rage Burst

Today gamers can finally get their hands on God Eater 2  Rage Burst.  This game takes place three years after the first game and offers deeper gameplay with over 400+ God Arcs the player can learn throughout the game.

Here is a launch trailer:

Players who purchase God Eater 2 Rage Burst for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita or PC via Steam will receive a free download code for God Eater Resurrection. 

You can check out the full press release below the break for more information.


GOD EATER™2 RAGE BURST includes GOD EATER™ RESURRECTION as a free download

LYON, FRANCE, – 30th August, 2016 – BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe today released GOD EATER™2 RAGE BURST for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, PlayStation®Vita, and PC via STEAM®. Gear-up and assemble a team of three friends to hunt and take down massive Aragami threatening to reign terror upon the world.

Taking place three years after the events of GOD EATER™ Resurrection, a mysterious red rain sparks a fatal pandemic called the Black Plague. With no established cure, this scourge has a mortality rate of 100% once infected. The player becomes a member of the Special Unit “Blood”, an affiliate of the Fenrir Organization who are sent to assist and investigate. Master incredible weaponry, challenge enormous monsters, and cooperate with a memorable cast of characters fighting for humanity.

Players will take up arms with their God Arcs, powerful weapons forged from Oracle Cells and the only weaponry capable of destroying the Aragami. God Arcs come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate all styles of melee combat including lumbering great hammers, swift short blades, long broad swords and wide-arcing scythes. God Arcs also transform into a variety of firearms for long range targets. New to GOD EATER™2 RAGE BURST are over 400+ Blood Arts players can learn throughout the game. These Blood Arts can enhance God Arcs by adding various attributes to attacks, giving players a definite edge during battle.

Players who purchase GOD EATER™2 RAGE BURST for PlayStation® 4, PlayStation® Vita or PC via STEAM™ will receive a free download code* for GOD EATER™ RESURRECTION which includes around a hundred hours of gameplay through an engaging storyline. Experience the full GOD EATER™ story with both games now available on all platforms.

Everything you need to know about the GOD EATER™ universe such as story, characters, fight system and more can be found in our Dev Diaries available on http://www.god-eater.com

*Players buying the digital version of GOD EATER™2 RAGE BURST will at the same time instantly receive GOD EATER™ RESURRECTION. Players buying the boxed version of GOD EATER™2: RAGE BURST will find all details in their game box and will need to go on dlc-god-eater.com to get their redeemable code for GOD EATER™ RESURRECTION. PlayStation versions of the games support cross saving.

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