Gravity RushPS Vita game, Gravity Rush could be getting a PS4 Remaster edition. A NeoGAF poster spotted an entry for “Gravity Rush Remaster” for the PS4 in the Korean Game Rating Boards. The KGRB has been a fairly reliable source when it comes to leaks that end up being true. Entries for the home console ports of Resident Evil: Revelations were found on the KGRB a couple of months before it was officially announced. The same happened to Limbo when it was ported to the Xbox One.

Gravity Rush was released for the Vita back in 2012, about a couple of months after the Vita itself was released. It stars an amnesiac girl named Kat who has the power to manipulate her own personal gravity. Set in a mysterious city held aloft between the limitless sky and the empty void below it, Kat has taken it upon herself to protect the city from a mysterious threat and hopefully figure out who she is along the way.

The last we heard anything about Gravity Rush was that Sony was working on a sequel. That was back in Tokyo Games Show 2013, and Sony has been quiet about the game ever since.

Karli Winata
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