Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS: Our Official Ranking of the Newcomers

Monday, March 9th, 2015

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Super Smash Bros. | Newcomers

Last year, building up to the release of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS, we ranked most of the newcomers as they were unveiled by Nintendo and Sakurai. We ranked them purely on first impressions and our overall interest in them as a playable character.

Now that both versions of the game have been out for a little while, we felt it was time to officially rank every newcomer by how they play – because that’s really what it should all come down to. So we put all the 15 (we’re counting the Mii Fighters as one character) newcomers to a staff vote. Tie breakers were settled in a CPU Stock Match. And this was the final result:

15) Dark Pit

Dark Pit Super Smash Bros

The Kid Icarus series gets three representatives. It’s just a shame that Dark Pit beat out the likes of Medusa or Hades.

14) Lucina


Her cloned move set of Marth is a little bit disappointing, but it’s cool to see a female Fire Emblem representative being playable.

13) Wii Fit Trainer (tied; lost 12th place tiebreaker)


Super obscure, and likely a little too off-beat for some people (not for this author). Her unique move set of yoga poses can be a little challenging to get to grips with, but in the right hands she’s a frightening force.

12) Palutena (tied; won 12th place tiebreaker)


Her custom moves aside, Palutena’s standard special move set is a little too defensive for our liking. Her smash attacks, however, certainly makes her stand out from the crowd.

11) Rosalina and Luma (tied; lost 10th place tiebreaker)


The galactic princess (is she actually a princess?) certainly divided the group. Some claim her use of Luma makes her super cheap, others say it makes her a strategic power house. Which camp do you sit in?

10) Villager (tied; won 10th place tiebreaker)


One of the first newcomers to be announced starts off the Top 10. Timing is key when it comes to playing as this innocent looking schizoid — especially with his Timber move. Some people, unfortunately, just don’t have time for that.

9) Mii Fighter (tied; lost 8th place tiebreaker)

Mii Fighter

These custom fighters have also divided the Smash Bros. community. Whatever your stance is on them, you can’t deny that being able to play as any character you like, albeit with generic move sets, has some sort of appeal.

8) Robin (tied; won 8th place tiebreaker)


Another new Fire Emblem representative, and a gem of one at that. What Robin lacks in speed he/she makes up for with a diverse move set of being a sword and magic user. Also, being able to select male or female versions is refreshingly welcome.

7) Bowser Jr. (tied; last in 5th place tiebreaker)

bowser jr.

At first glance, Bowser Jr. seemed like a groan-worthy newcomer, but being able to play as any of the Koopalings instead diffused any doubts of playing as the irritating offspring of Bowser. Accompanied by a very fun move set gives Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings a respectable spot on our list.

6) Duck Hunt (tied; 2nd in 5th place tiebreaker)

duck hunt

The Duck Hunt duo is simply a blast to play as, with explosive-based attacks that always makes us crack a smile. No-one would really have expected the dog from Duck Hunt to ever become a playable character, but it has and it works. Also, wins bonus points for the best Final Smash.

5) PAC-MAN (tied; won 5th place tiebreaker)


PAC-MAN may not have surprised us by being a playable character, but he most certainly surprised us by how good he plays. His use of pills and fire hydrants make him a destructive player. Who would’ve thought that a yellow ball of sunshine could be so scary?

4) Little Mac (tied; lost 3rd place tiebreaker)


Our most wanted character in Smash Bros. lives up to our hopes, for the most part. If it wasn’t for his lack of air game and recovery, some would say that this petite boxer is over-powered. Power is definitely what makes us love Little Mac so much, and his K.O uppercut is deliciously satisfying. Every. Single. Time.

3) Greninja (tied; won 3rd place tiebreaker)


The newest generation of Pokemon brings us this water based ninja frog. Combining its evasive play style with its insane speed makes Greninja one of the top ranked newcomers. Tread carefully when playing against someone who knows every trick with this Pokemon.

2) Mega Man

Mega Man

His high demand from fans and his plethora of robot master moves gives Mega Man the second highest spot on this list. For some, he may seem like a tough character to get to grips with, but for us he’s a force to be reckoned with.

1) Shulk


Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Even without our background, Shulk would still be our most favourite newcomer. His use of the Monado makes him one of the most strategic characters. Combine that with his special moves, insane range with his smash attacks, and that iconic Final Smash, it’s no surprise that he is our No. 1.

So that’s our ranking of the newcomers? Do you agree? If not, let us know who your favourite Super Smash Bros. newcomers are in the comments below.


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