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(Japan) New Video Released for Rodea the Sky Soldier

Rodea the Sky Soldier | oprainfall

Kadokawa Games recently released a video, titledĀ Rodea: The Movie Part 1, showing off some gameplay for their upcoming game Rodea the Sky Soldier, including a few impressive-looking boss fights.

The video starts at the the game’s opening, when the titular humanoid robot Rodea is found by the game’s heroine. This is followed by showing some of the gameplay, such as flying by facing a target and pressing the A button, and keeping the fly meter charged up with “Graviton.”

The video demonstrates that the B button is used for boosts and to attack enemies. Although it uses up more of the flying meter than regular flight, so it should be used sparingly.

The Y button is used for high jumps. These can be used for either getting the lay of the land, or setting up a stomp attack.

Finally, the video concludes with some footage of a boss fight against a gigantic golem-looking monster. This is probably the most exciting part of the video, and makes me really hope for a US release. Right now though that doesn’t look like it’s in the cards, so far only the Japanese release date of April 2nd has been announced.

Colin Malone
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