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Stars Wars Battle Pod Is Available For Your Home

Bandai Namco officially announced a home version of the recent arcade game, Star Wars Battle Pod for the U.S., Europe, and Japan. It is not coming to consoles via a digital download, Bandai Namco is selling and shipping actual arcade machines to homes. Of course, you are going to need a bunch of disposal income to purchase your own personal Battle Pod. The standard version is $35,000.00 or 24,0000 pounds. It has the same design as the version for the arcades. There is a also a special premium edition for $100,000 dollars. The premium edition comes in either a Darth Vader or Rebel Alliance cabinet. There will be more purchasing details announced towards June.

You can view Bandai Namco’s official press release below:

Tokyo Japan, May 26th, 2015 – Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. announced today that it will release a home version of the aerial battle arcade hit, Star Wars™: Battle Pod™, which first appeared in US arcades in January 2015, in EU, NA, JP, and other regions. The Battle Pods will be available to order beginning June, 18th with a MSRP at US$35,000 UK £24,000(Shipping and setting fees separate).

Made upon order for personal home use, the special Premium Edition of Star Wars: Battle Pod will be equipped with genuine leather seats that are synchronized to move/react to the action of the game and is available in two different glamorous designs inspired by the images of the Rebel Alliance and Darth Vader. This arcade masterpiece includes the owners name and a product serial number engraved plate along with: a specially bound owner’s manual and exclusive carpeting. Owners will also have their name added to the game ending credits. MSRP for the premium edition is set at US$100,000(Shipping and setting fees separate). Further purchasing details will be announced after mid-June on the Star Wars: Battle Pod official website™.

Additional stage releases to come at a later date.

Dive into the Star Wars universe from the comfort of your own home with the Star Wars: Battle Pod!

Star Wars Battle Pod
The Premium Edition Forces You to Choose Your Path Towards the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire.

If you had the chance to purchase your own Star Wars Battle Pod, Would you make the purchase? Do you know anyone who has the means to buy it? Share us your thoughts and reactions below.


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