Annie’s Top 5 Anticipated Games of 2015

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

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oprainfall is proud to present our annual lists of Most Anticipated Games. Unlike previous years, we will be spreading out our lists over multiple days this year as we move closer to 2015. Today, we have Reviewer Annie Gallagher.

Andrew's Anticipated Games of 2015 | oprainfall

Seeing as how 2014 is coming to a close, I think it is time to see what else there is to look forward to in the upcoming year. I myself have never been the type to go with the typical choices; so naturally, I plan to take a different approach with my top five anticipated games.

Before starting, I may want to acknowledge a few runner-ups for my list. The first one would be Persona 5. The main reason I decided not to go with this one is because I have yet to actually play Persona 4 (although I did play Persona 3). Some other ones would be just about any 1st party Nintendo game for obvious reasons (some of these being Yoshi’s Wooly World, Mario Maker, and Splatoon). There is also the obvious choice of Xenoblade Chronicles X. I would also include Final Fantasy XV, Type-0 HD, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Omega Quintet but I unfortunately do not own the consoles they are on. Seeing as how I also tend to focus on the more obscure, I would like to mention that I still have some hope that Exstetra or Moero Chronicle may be localized. However you can generally follow the rule that if it is either an RPG or a niche anime style Japanese game, then I am probably interested in it.

So without further ado, I present my top 5 anticipated games of 2015.

5. Bullet Girls (PS Vita)

Andrew's Anticipated Games of 2015 - Bullet Girls | oprainfall

What can I say; I always enjoy these types of fanservice games. Aside from the obvious reasons, there is also the fact that they rarely take themselves too seriously and have a focus on likable characters. Seeing as how I have enjoyed both Hyperdimension Neptunia and Senran Kagura, I figure that this one may not be a bad choice either. However, what really interests me is simply the concept of having a Japanese fanservice anime twist on the Call of Duty formula. The most common complaints about recent shooters are that they are all overly serious and brown and grey. You certainly cannot say that about Bullet Girls now can you?

While there has not been an official localization announcement yet, I am confident that someone will pick it up seeing as how these games have been brought over a lot more often lately. Also, I will admit that I actually do not dislike shooters as a whole and have even enjoyed a few of the overly cinematic types; they are just the type of games I would not want to play too often. However, when one of them does something unique and focuses more on the fun factor, then it is guaranteed that I would have an interest.

4. Criminal Girls: Invite Only (PS Vita)

Andrew's Anticipated Games of 2015 - Criminal Girls: Invite Only | oprainfall

First of all, I will just say that I do not care about the light censorship of the game. Yeah, I still think it is inconvenient, but I think it is a pretty huge improvement over how Monster Monpiece was handled. While I have made it clear why I enjoy these types of games in my description for the last entry, there is a bit more to why I am looking forward to this one.

First of all, the whole setting and theme of the game is something that I have always been curious about. Just about anything with an afterlife setting is enough to catch my interest, and being set in hell was always a fascinating concept for me. Granted, NIS has already used this setting ever since Disgaea, but Criminal Girls seems to have a greater focus on the mythology of it. The idea of facing trials in order to gain redemption for their sins certainly has a pretty dark feel to it, and it seems like it would make for a compelling plot device. Also, it seems to be a character driven game, which tend to be the games I enjoy the most.

3. Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart (PS Vita)

Andrew's Anticipated Games of 2015 - Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart | oprainfall

Some people may wonder why I decided to go with this one instead of Neptunia Re;Birth2. The main reason for this is that, while I am interested in Re;Birth2, it is still a remake of a story we have already seen and it uses the same gameplay style we have already seen three times. Hyperdevotion Noire, however, seems to be taking a more unique approach. In general, that is why I am more interested in Hyperdevotion Noire; it is different. Part of it may be due to the fact that this means that there will be a bunch of new characters, which is definitely a good thing seeing as how Neptunia has always been a character driven series. Also, I am curious to see how an SRPG will implement the Neptunia series’ signature style of gameplay. There really isn’t much else for me to say other than having a different direction provides new opportunities, and that I am looking forward to which direction this game takes.

2. Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden (3DS)

Andrew's Anticipated Games of 2015 - Dragon Quest VII | oprainfall

Part of me wants to include this just to send a message to Square Enix that we will not shut up about this game until they just decide to bite the bullet and localize it. They seem worried about the resources it would take to localize it but they do want to do so. To be honest, part of me thinks they have been working on it this the entire time and have gotten people concerned in an attempt to drum up hype. It is the exact same thing they did with Bravely Default and it definitely worked in that game’s favor. While I can somewhat understand their concerns with Dragon Quest X due to it being an MMO and those being a lot harder to maintain (in addition to it not even being as successful as the rest of the series), I have a lot more confidence for this title.

As for why I am interested in the game itself, you can put that up to it supposedly having a lot of improvements and tweaks over the original version of the game. I guess part of it may be difficult to explain why I am so intent on getting this game if it is announced. Despite Dragon Quest VII not being quite as well regarded as the 4th, 5th, or 8th installments, it is just the fact that it seems to be one of those entries I have heard a lot less about. Also, I do like the main time travel based premise of the game. But I guess one could chalk a lot of this up to wanting what I am told I may not be able to have.

1. Corpse Party: Blood Drive (PS Vita)

Andrew's Anticipated Games of 2015 - Corpse Party: Blood Drive | oprainfall

I have been anxiously hoping this game would be localized ever since I finished the first Corpse Party, and even more so once I finished the second one. Part of it may be because of the powerful atmosphere and emotion put into both games, and part of it may be that the second game ended on a particularly bad cliffhanger. Admittedly though, it just has to do with how much I got attached to the characters in the first game, and that I really want to see a legitimate conclusion to this series.

The biggest problem that I had with both games was how they ended. The ending of the first game was unnecessarily depressing to the point where I actually felt it went too far and lessened the quality of the overall game for me (which is how I am going to guess that most people felt about Mass Effect 3’s ending). It was even more disappointing when the second game really did not even bother to advance the plot. However, with Corpse Party: Blood Drive, I feel that having a proper conclusion to the series would not only make for an amazing game, but it would also retroactively improve the previous games. Plus, it looks like it is returning to the gameplay style used in the first game over the one used in Book of Shadows and looks to be a serious improvement from it in general.

Despite there not being a localization announcement yet, XSEED has expressed interest in trying to bring it over. The Corpse Party games also received some exposure thanks to some certain YouTube Let’s Players, so that also makes things more likely that XSEED may be confident in this game.