Star Fox

During an interview with Justine Ezarik on her YouTube channel iJustine, Shigeru Miyamoto spoke about the new Star Fox game being developed for the Nintendo Wii U. He said that it will be finished before the new Legend of Zelda game. One of the new features is that instead of the player switching between the third person and cockpit views like in previous games, you will have access to both at the same time. The Gamepad will have the cockpit view while the TV screen will display a 3rd person view from behind the Arwing. This is so that players have the choice of sitting back and enjoying the cinematic visuals on screen or get serious and focus on the Gamepad for precision shooting. Miyamoto also stated that they will try to incorporate amiibo in some way into the game. He did not go into further detail on how they will affect the game, but wanted to let us know that if we have them, we should be able to use them.

Star Fox Wii U will be the first new Star Fox game since the underrated Star Fox Command, released on the Nintendo DS in 2006 (2007 in Europe). Miyamoto is hard at work on this one, claiming to have been playing it every day to the point where his fingers hurt. No word on an actual release day yet, however, we should be expecting it this year. What features, gimmicks or characters would you like to see return in this upcoming game?


Justin Guillou
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