Celestial Method Featured 1
Celestial Method - Episode 1
Flying saucers and cuteness? Sign me up!

Its always hard to get a feel for a show before you watched the 3rd episode. For me anyways, I usually watch a show until the 3rd episode and decide if I want to be super emotional for these particular animated people.

I sat down and watched the first episode of Celestial Method and I’ve got to say I’m hooked already. We start of with our main character Nonoka Furumiya moving back to a small town with her father, Shuichi, after 7 years. In typical anime fashion, I can’t tell by looking how old anyone is, but considering a couple shots of school uniforms and the 7 year gap, we can assume that Nonoka is your normal high school age for this type of anime.

Celestial Method - Episode 1
Moving is officially cute!

Speaking of the type, I would say the genre of this falls firmly in slice of life with a touch of magical on goings–or in this case, alien happenings.

The alien in question is Noel, who seems to have waited for the main character to come back to the small sleepy town where we can assume she grew up.

Celestial Method - Episode 1
Aliens are darn cute. Science can stop sciencing.

I don’t want to give too many spoilers about Celestial Method (mostly because I don’t know what going to happen yet.), but it’s clear from flashbacks and the way the characters act that something bad happened to Nonoka’s mother, Kaori.

Other than Nonoka, It looks like the story will revolve around 4 other teenagers who live in the town. From a flashback, we know that all 5 of them use to be friends when Nonoka lives in the small town before but we also know her memory of things that happened in the past is very weak.

Celestial Method - Episode 1
With out cuteness combined, we can overthrown world order!

Personally, I cant wait for next week to see what happens next. At the end of the episode, Noel makes it clear she came to grant Nonoka’s wishes via the UFO saucer in the sky, but exactly how the two girls met and what impact it will have on the other characters is completely unknown.

Into the art of this anime. I’m absolutely loving it. At first glance, it’s very cute however that isn’t really doing it justice. It’s detailed and really gives off the feel of a small but bright picturesque town. The flashbacks happen in winter and really give off a lonely feeling. I’m really enjoying it and while the character designs are cute as well, I feel like the environments led the show in the first episode.

Celestial Method - Episode 1
Bears eating flying Saucers? Yep, typical boring small town…

The opening song felt very pop and bright. And since I’ve said I wanted to keep it pretty spoiler free, I will leave the other characters out for now (especially since we weren’t really introduced to anyone, they just sort of popped up).

All in all, I really looking forward to finding out what happens next time. I cant wait to see more and really see how the characters interact.

Celestial Method is available to watch on Crunchyroll with new episodes coming out on Sundays at 10:30AM EDT/7:30AM PDT. Non-premium users will be able to watch episodes for free one week after it first airs.

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