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Ami Discovers Friendship Is Magic

All right. What I’m really liking about this is that we’re cutting out some of the fat and getting right to the best part of Sailor Moon: the Sailor Scouts [or Sailor Guardians, as they’re now known—Ed.].

No, seriously. One of the things that made the original show great was the cast and the interactions between them. In the original anime, it wasn’t until episode 5 that we got Sailor Mercury. Considering that ending teaser for Sailor Mars, I’m betting we’re going to get most of the scouts really quickly. We might get Jupiter by episode 3 or 4, but considering it was just Usagi, Rei, and Ami for a long time, it might not be until episode 5 or 6, maybe longer. But I doubt it will be much longer at the speed the show is apparently going with.

Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury Intro | Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 2

But if I could have a bit of ridiculous fan raging for a moment—why the heck wasn’t it Mercury Bubbles she used? Freaking Mercury Bubbles was a cool attack with cool hand gestures. They were bubbles that froze people. That’s some straight up helpful magic. Not this Aqua Mist crap that…ugh…kinda makes the place foggy? Way to take a backseat, Ami! You’re starting out as useless as a side character in Bleach. Worst. Show. Ever.

(Okay, glad that’s out of my system.)

Ami Meets Usagi | Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 2

Anyway, this episode actually put some fears to rest with the CG. I straight up liked it here. Maybe it was the use of the water effect or the glowing effect that covered Ami’s body. Heck, maybe it was just that I’m getting over my hang-up on CG or that I just like the color blue. Either way, it was far more enjoyable, and even the regular animation seems to be getting better. It really feels like the show is picking up steam here. Even my concerns with Usagi’s lack of facial expressions seem to be becoming less and less of an issue. Maybe they’re just more…subtle?

Sailor Mercury Transforms | Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 2

I am officially excited and hopeful for the show again.

It’s a shame we won’t be getting another Sailor Moon Crystal for one more week, but at least we’ll be getting Sailor Mars then.

What did you think about these last two episodes? Put your thoughts in the comments, and remember to add your favorite Sailor Scout. (It’s cool, I know you’re gonna put down Sailor Mars.)

À Suivre—To Be Continued | Sailor Moon Crystal

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