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Since we have never actually reviewed any of the Wolf Among Us episodes on oprainfall, and I am planning to review the fifth episode, I have taken it upon myself to do a short, spoiler-free recap of the first four episodes of Telltale Games’ adventure game based on the Fables graphic novels. In this recap, I will explain the game’s setting, as well as what has happened up to this point in the season. So, sit back and enjoy.

The Wolf Among Us is set in Fabletown, New York, a small community of fables, in 1976. This town hosts many famous myths, legends and fables such as Flycatcher, Ichabod Crane, Snow White and even the Jersey Devil. The Wolf Among Us is a point-and-click adventure game with a noir setting. The gameplay is similar to that of the Walking Dead games, also developed by Telltale Games, in that you have to make many important decisions and also make it through plenty of quick-time events in order to progress through the game. The game is both visually and audibly appealing.  The setting and music set the mood for the story well — really reeling you into the experience. Here is just a small taste of what this game has to offer the eyes and ears.

You play as “The Big Bad Wolf” from Little Red Riding Hood, colloquially known as Sheriff Bigby Wolf. One day, Bigby is called down to an apartment building because of a disturbance between two fables. When Bigby arrives, he breaks up the bickering between the two, while forming a bond with one of them. He then heads to The Woodlands, an apartment building that houses many well-known fables. After spending some time in his room conversing with an old friend, Bigby heads back downstairs, only to find that a fable has been murdered and left on his doorstep. Bigby then goes on a wild goose chase for the remainder of the first episode searching for the fable’s killer, and soon finds out that another famous fable has been murdered.The Wolf Among Us | Fabletown Bibgy continues the search for the killer in Episode 2. He almost picks the wrong man until a fable returns and stops him. Bigby continues his investigation through a strip joint where he meets two more important fables. Then, Bigby ends up finding out that he’s supposed to go to a “hook-up hotel” and meet another familiar fable, who escorts him up to a room. After a fight with another famous fable, Bigby proceeds to search the murder scene and finds a picture of the murderer, who turns out to be a well-known figure in the Fabletown community.

As Bibgy begins his chase of the suspected killer in Episode 3, he meets quite a few new enemies along the way. Bigby starst off at a funeral for a beloved fable from earlier. At the end of the funeral, Bigby and the rest of the attendees are attacked by a gang of enemy fables, and are beaten nearly to death. Bigby then continues his quest to find the killer by repairing the only object that they can use to find them. He continues searching for the part, and, soon, is lead to a famous witch’s house. Before going, Bigby makes a trip to a familiar place in order to find out where the witch lives. He is questioned about his intentions and feelings, then it’s off to her apartment. At the end of the episode, Bigby finally encounters the killer and attempts to leave with him. You are then jumped by the same gang as before, but, this time, they have a new member. They also have a new weapon that they use on Bigby in order to silence him, and steal back the suspect. The Wolf Among Us | Pudding & Pie In Episode 4, Bigby is seen near death, and the chase for the true criminal is on. Bigby uncovers a serious crime during this episode — magic being used illegally. As more charges are added to the criminal mastermind behind everything, Bigby figures out where the last piece of the object needed in Episode 3 is. He goes there and fights with the store owner for it with help from a fable that he met earlier. Bigby collects the piece and returns just in time to see the suspected killer leaving. Bigby discovers where the mastermind is and goes after him. After being escorted by a fable to his door, Bigby enters and finally sees his face, along with the gang of fables as the screen fades to black.

I hope that you enjoyed this overview of Episodes 1-4 of The Wolf Among Us and didn’t find it too hard to read. I tried as hard as I could to make sure that there weren’t any spoilers in this article. I hope you enjoyed reading and make sure to watch out for my Episode 5 review that should be coming soon. Until next time.

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