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In an update earlier today on the game’s Kickstarter page, Double Fine has announced that the first act of Broken Age, previously known as Double Fine Adventure during its Kickstarter campaign, is now available for purchase on the iOS app store. The iPad version of the game features high-res graphics and the same touch controls that were previously added to the PC version of the game. It will retail for $9.99 (USD), less than the season pass price of $24.99 (USD) for the PC version. This is because the app only includes Act 1. Act 2 will be available as an in-app purchase once it is released. Double Fine put together a trailer for the game’s iPad release. Check it out below:

Double Fine also announced the release of Broken Age as a season pass on the Mac app store. Like the other season pass versions of the game, this will retail for $24.99 (USD).

Broken Age is a point and click adventure developed by Double Fine. The game is directed by Tim Schafer, best known for creating Grim Fandango and PsychonautsBroken Age came into being through a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, which remains one of the most successful of all time. The first act of Broken Age was released back in January to strong reviews. The second act of the game is fully funded and is currently being developed at Double Fine. It will be provided for free to those who have purchased the season pass.

This is exciting news for those who like to play on their tablets. Be sure to stay tuned to oprainfall for more news about Broken Age!


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