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Halfway There Goals $20,000 and Under Flexible Funding Goal Reached


LAST CALL FOR FUNDING: A Wizard's Day | oprainfall

A Wizard’s Day

  • Goal: $15,000
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Wii U ($25,000)

From the Kickstarter page:

Legend speaks of two staffs, forged by light and dark.  The Staff of Fortitude (light) and the Staff of Turpitude (dark).  These relics hold a powerful secret and they both have new masters…  two great wizards.

The game starts high atop the evil wizard Zorgamor’s castle.  With the Staff of Fortitude in possession, you, the wizard Merlicus, have come to stop him from casting a maleficent spell that will turn the kingdoms people to stone.  But you’re seconds to late! Using the dark power found within the Staff of Turpitude, Zorgamor casts his terrible spell.

A brilliant shockwave emits from the castle top, spreading across the kingdom and reeking it’s evil effects.  Fortunately for you, the Staff of Fortitude gave protection but the spells dark power drained it’s magic and broke it apart.  The wave shatters it into pieces, sending them flying to all parts of the kingdom.

With what little magic the Staff of Turpitude had, Zorgamor used it to banish you to a remote part of the woods, leaving you defenseless and to perish.  Having the last of it’s dark power taken, it too broke into pieces, shattering across the kingdom.  This was of little concern to Zorgamor, as he had accomplished what he wanted with the staff.

Little did he know the true strength of these two staffs.  Now it’s up to you to find the pieces, restore their power and free the kingdoms people from their stone prisons.

LAST CALL FOR FUNDING: Apocalypse Z | oprainfall

Apocalypse Z

  • Goal: $500
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Ouya

From the Kickstarter page:

What makes Apocalypse Z different from other zombie mmo’s?

  • Ever wanted to play games like DayZ or Rust without spending thousands of dollars on a gaming pc? Apocalypse Z takes everything awesome from those pc games, and combines them into a mobile game with all the same amazing features
  • CROSSPLATFORM! Play together on PC, Android, IOS, Ouya, Mac, Windows phone 8! All platforms play together on the same server!
  • VoIP – Basically means you can talk in game to the people nearby you
  • Large map – Highly detailed, polished map, to support 100 players at a time
  • No microtransactions – Apocalypse Z is not going to have any microtransactions, (pay to win). We will not sell guns or anything of the type and the game will be all skill-player based. You will be able to buy skins for you character in a later update after full release.
  • IOS/Android full support, game center, and google play are fully supported, what does that mean? Basically if you were playing on one of those platforms, you can easily invite your friend to join you on your adventure quick and without hassle.
  • No bad servers (international) – Our servers for the game are hosted all over the world, from Europe to the USA, you wont have to worry about full or laggy servers.
  • Realism – Fall damage, Bandaging, food and water are necessity’s in apocalypse Z
  • No shoot on sight – In apocalypse Z, guns will be very rare and hard to find, this will encourage players to work together instead of blindly shooting one another.
  • Full developer cover: Us devs will post a few videos every couple of weeks showing off the newest additions to our game, leading up to the Alpha and Beta release!
  • Bluetooth and LAN!: We love getting together with friends and having fun! So were implementing a smaller PvE and Hunger games style arena to play with your friends, if you have access to internet then you and your friends can team up and join a public server and play together!
  • Vehicles! Over 50 different types of vehicles to scavenge and travel the map!
  • Real time player interaction: You see a bandit has two players hostage, you take out the bandit and set free the other players, who now are your friends, this all happened due to your decisions, you could have let them die, but you didn’t, the choice is yours. its your story.

LAST CALL FOR FUNDING: Barbarian Brawl | oprainfall

Barbarian Brawl

  • Goal: £10,000
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac OS

From the Kickstarter page:

WAAARRRGGGHHHH – We love HAM! And fighting with big rusty battle axes! Our team of grisly warriors at Thrillion have been making games for over a decade and have been at big game developers and publishers. We have struck out on our own and our first game Barbarian Brawl is being developed in partnership with our long time buddies at Artplant (True Vikings!).

We are raising funds via Kickstarter so we can have a huge HAM party (JOKING). The game is looking really great and we want to add more characters, weapons, levels, modes and other cool features such as ranged weapons (Spears, Slings and maybe even a little Barbarian earth magic). So if you are in the mood for helping a few hairy game devs build a fun party-game style fight fest then please pledge. Every penny, cent, dinar, rouble or peso will go into the project to make this the game it has the potential to become.

You can also help out the project by supporting Barbarian Brawl on Steam Greenlight.

Cold War 2

  • Goal: $2,500
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Wii U, 3DS, PS Vita, iOS, Android

Cold War 2 is something that we all know is inevitable. It’s something that’s already starting to happen and we feel obligated to help you be prepared for it. Sure, our game may not be “accurate” or “politically correct” or even “correct in anyway”, but who needs that when you can battle against vaguely communist Russian um, communists with your forces of Rambo American awesomeness. And why not throw North Korea into the mix too? Our game makes sure that you’re dutifully prepared for what we know will eventually become, Cold War 2.

Cold War 2 is set in the near future, and has you choose between multiple characters that represent an ideology or faction that we probably made up. Our game takes some of the aesthetics and art direction from a previous game that we developed, called Restricted Zone. Restricted Zone was a game that we only released in Russia, and was something of much smaller scale and ambition. With that said, Cold War 2 is much more ambitious and aims to meld bridges by making fun of all sides of the political battlefield that surrounds us.

Our game encompasses the whole world. Well actually, it encompasses the whole world that we know from our extremely limited understanding of geography. Everything from North Korea to the Sovereign Confederate Kingdom of Florida is included within the recesses of our game.


  • Goal: £12,000
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android

From the Kickstarter page:

Diablowing is an action packed old-school RPG/shoot-em-up hybrid (we like to call it a “Loot-em Up” game) for PC, iOS and Android that features a complex action RPG-style itemization system, fast-paced gameplay and an arsenal of unique weapon and modules that allow you to deck out your ship in any way you desire.

The defining feature of Diablowing is itemization. The equipment you can put on your ship ranges from engines and wing-plates to shield generators and salvage modules; from laser beams to heatseeking missiles and artillery cannons. On top of all this weapon diversity, each of these pieces of equipment have uncommon and rare versions with all kinds of randomly generated modifiers, not to mention powerful uniques and item sets. Through planning, imagination and experience you can build a ship that both kicks ass and is uniquely suited to your playstyle. Then add a paintjob and you are good to go!

The game is already in a playable state, and while we are refining the gameplay, the majority of the code is complete. We just need your help to make it look as polished and as awesome as it deserves. If we hit our stretch goals, we could even make it multiplayer!

Endless Fantasy

  • Goal: $12,000 CAD
  • Platform: PC

From the Kickstarter page:

►►►Planned FEATURES◄◄◄
Custom Sideview battle system using a uniquely designed ATB battle system
>We got rid of the ABS style as it was found to be problematic and frequetly caused unresolvable lag while playing <<<
►PissyBossMode (not limited to boss’s) where strategy in combat really matters!
►Custom designed Menu System
►World Quests – sidequests that affect events within the world of Gaia, short and long term
►Perform quests to earn QP (Quest Points) which can be spent during the story to unlock optional content (ie: bonus scenes, character building story arcs, additional mini-quests etc)
►Branching paths provide unique playstyle opportunities – the more dangerous your path… the greater your experiance 🙂
►Multiple Main Casts each game has it’s own “main cast”, but will still feature previous party members as side characters 🙂
►Graphics hand designed by Echo607 aka. Katie B.
►30 – 50+ hours (per game) of gameplay depending on your play style!
►Three games planned out and ready to begin work.
►Animated IN-GAME cut scenes by Echo607

LAST CALL FOR FUNDING: Hero Keeper | oprainfall

Hero Keeper

  • Goal: £2,000
  • Platforms: Android, PC

From the Kickstarter page:

The gameplay mechanics of Hero Keeper revolve around constructing a kingdom and attracting heroes such as knights or beast tamers who will then setup home in your kingdom. Each hero has unique personalities for instance thieves will steal from your shops and loot enemy buildings and monster dens. Heroes interact with the world around them, buying weapons and finding items, they level up set their own stats and learn new ability’s ensuring each hero is unique.

As well as fighting monsters Hero Keeper also pits you against other kingdoms, enemy kingdom are not just static, they build and grow just as you would, attracting heroes of their own and setting quests to fight you. The AI for the enemy kingdom will actively defend and attack you as well as build up its kingdom uniquely each time you fight against it.

My Two Weeks

  • Goal: $7,000
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac OS

From the Kickstarter page:

You are an employee for a big corporate company and you just got called into your boss’s office. Could this be the promotion you were hoping for? I mean you have been with the company for several years now and have never missed a day of work or ever came in late. Your boss sits you down. This is it the moment you have been waiting for! Your boss looks at you and tells you that the new intern is now your manager… The new guy who has been here for a few months is now higher up than you. Your boss leaves his office with you sitting there steaming in rage. You get angry and decide enough is enough; it’s time you put in your two weeks, but not without having a little fun first.


  • Each time you either defeat the final boss or die you will obviously asked if you would like to “play again?” Each time you start a new game the game will ultimately change!
  • The layout for each floor is randomly selected from a “pool” of pre-designed floors.
  • All of the rooms within each floor will be different each time you play too. They are also selected from a “pool” of pre-designed rooms.
  • Every item in the game is put into several “item banks” depending on what type of item it may be. This will allow each play through to give you different items to use to make it a little different. **cardboard boxes act as chests**
  • These “item banks” are; WEAPONS, FOOD, GEAR, and BUFFS.
  • The BOSS’S will all be designed after certain job positions that are found at a typical office setting. EXAMPLE: a secretary or a security guard. These BOSS’S will be more than just a person but we will transform them into an exaggerated version of themselves.

LAST CALL FOR FUNDING: Noujou Seikatsu | oprainfall

Noujou Seikatsu

  • Goal: $500
  • Platforms: PC

From the Kickstarter page:

Noujou Seikatsu™ is a fantansy farm game. Grow your crops! Make new friends! Explore the depths and fight evil! Learn new abilities! Save your fellow townsfolk! Become the master farmer!

Noujou Seikatsu™has been in development for around 6 months now, was on and off at first but in the past month has received full attention. It is a simplistic farming game with RPG elements added. In the game you will have the ability to grow crops, raise animals, fish, mine and even fight monsters in the depths. We have spent a lot of time putting details into the RPG element to this game, and have made a sort of balance of casual gameplay and true dungeon style action.

We have managed to add quite a bit of additional game functions, not normally possible in the base engine this game was built with.

You can also help this project by supporting it on Steam Greenlight.


  • Goal: $8,000
  • Platform: Windows

From the Kickstarter page:

Radix is a 2D open-world puzzle platformer that stresses exploration and puzzle problem-solving in beautifully pixelated environments. Players will scour the different worlds for runes while avoiding the many dangerous puzzles and traps waiting to harm them. Runes will then be spent to unlock one of five staff abilities in any order which allows for gameplay customization and opens up different routes throughout the hazardous world of Radix.

There are also five special abilities that can be obtained by collecting the five gem pieces of each world. There is no fighting in Radix, making the goal of the game exploration and puzzle solving exclusively. We really want players to think about how to approach each challenge, and unravel the mysterious background behind the world of Radix.

We have a demo already, and we are updating our Facebook page whenever new milestones are reached! We also have a company website that has information on Radix, and other projects we make or are in the process of making. Our side projects will be collected into the NewFort Arcade. The goal of the NewFort Arcade is to let you guys play some games while we work on our bigger projects. What’s unique about this Arcade is that we won’t have any ads on it, and you don’t have to pay anything. These games are 100% free for your enjoyment!

You can check out the demo on the developer’s website.

Tomb of Tyrants

  • Goal: $6,000
  • Platforms: PC, Ouya

From the Kickstarter page:

Tomb of Tyrants is a dungeon-defense puzzler in which you take on the role of a tyrant (or historical curator), building a dungeon (restoring a historic site) and crushing heroes (nobly defending an anthropological treasure trove from greedy adventurers). Players match resource tiles to clear room and purchase additional floors, traps, and monsters while intrepid parties of do-gooders (vandals) venture down from the surface to defeat you and claim the Tyrants’ hoard. This dual-plot setup allows you to play as either the villain or someone with grossly misplaced values.

Matching tiles from the hoard below your dungeon clears room for expansion, while giving you the resources to construct new floors, which in turn allow you to recruit monsters, set traps, and produce items. The Tyrants’ hoard never ends, but slain creatures drop additional resources and items into the puzzle, increasing the pace of the game as your dungeon’s death toll accelerates.

Even as the challenge ramps up, the player character remains very weak and can be easily dispatched by the humblest of heroes. Death of this lode-bearing boss will bring your dungeon crumbling down upon everyone within–refilling the Tyrants’ hoard once more. Every game fuels future sessions, as players unlock advanced floors, creatures, upgrades, and artifacts by completing rituals and thwarting prophecies.

LAST CALL FOR FUNDING: Zombie Hunters the Game | oprainfall

Zombie Hunters the Game

  • Goal: $1,000
  • Platform: PC

From the Kickstarter page:

Devar, a world that will soon be void of natural resources. Tony, the young engineer, who’s destiny is bound to its fate. Drysden, beloved king of Icecourt, who is about to lose everything…

Zombie Hunters The Game follows the story of a young engineer named Tony and his friend King Drysden. Together they search for a suitable replacement for their dwindling natural energy resources. What they discover is a battle between good and evil.

Zombie Hunters The Game is a turn based classic JRPG game brought to you by L3P Productions. The intent of the the game is to launch a new cross media fantasy multiverse, which we hope to span video games, comics, novels, movies and more.

You can download a copy of the demo from a link on the Kickstarter page.

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Halfway There Goals $20,000 and Under Flexible Funding Goal Reached
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