Monster Hunter 4 | Confirmed for the West

Capcom have released a brand new trailer for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, known in Japan as Monster Hunter 4G.

The trailer shows off the beasties that will be seen in the game, both old and new. You can check it out below.

Both my partner and I own a Japanese 3DS and a copy of Monster Hunter 4and I’m going to be using it to write all about the new monsters. The first thing that struck me was the desert area; that did NOT exist in MH4, so there’s confirmation of a new area for those who have been playing 4.

The returning monsters I spy are the Gendrome and its minions, the Genprey; the Diablos, Cephadrome, Daimyo Hermitaur, Monoblos, Red Khezu (I’ve been helping my partner farm Khezu the last couple of days and did NOT need to see one again), and, of course, the classic Tigrex. I realise some of the monsters listed here were also in MH4, but I thought I’d include them for good measure, and for those who were unaware.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate | Tigrex

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate | Gendrome Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate | Diablos
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate | Cephadome Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate | Daimo Hermitaur
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate | Monoblos Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate | Red Khezu

I’ve spied a number of subspecies for monsters new to 4 in this trailer. We have an icy version of the Garara Ajara and the Generu Serutasu; the originals hung out in the swamp. There’s a green Tetsukabura and a blue Kechawacha that uses fire instead of water. For the new desert area, there’s a subspecies for both Zaboazagiru and Nerusukyura. In addition, it looks as if the new Nerusukyura uses paralysis instead of poison. It will probably be just as creepy.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate | Garara Ajara Icy Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate | Generu Serutasu Icy
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate | Tetsukabura Green Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate | Kechawacha Blue
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate | Zaboazagiru Sandy Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate | Nerusukyura Icy

However. What is that monster at the end? Tyler reckons its body shape reminded him of a Nargacuga or a Barioth; another friend of mine said he thought it looked like a Tigrex until he saw the thing on its head. I’m sure it will be revealed later, but until then, Capcom will continue to tease us.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate | New Monster

So, who here is getting this game when it release? Anyone out there who, like my partner and I, already have it in Japanese? Let us know, and hey, if you want to hunt, hit me up!

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