Members of Amazon Prime will be able to enjoy the latest Kamen Rider Amazons and 11 other Japanese shows worldwide. The worldwide stream is part of a 20 show deal with Amazon Japan for original programming, which includes fellow tokusatsu (special effects) show Ultra Man along with Magi, Baby Steps, and several other children’s shows and documentaries. Since Amazon Japan’s establishment last year, many of these shows are already available for streaming in Japan, though the worldwide premiere hasn’t been specified as of yet.

Roy Price, head of Amazon Studios, had this to say:

We’re excited to add a great lineup of original Japanese programming to supplement the English-language series we’ve already created in the U.S. When we introduced Prime Video in Japan last year, we said we would be bringing 20 original series and we’re thrilled to introduce the first 12 of those.

Amazons is based on the fourth entry in the franchise, Kamen Rider Amazon, which dates back to 1974. The new series is exclusive to Amazon Prime, which makes the name oddly appropriate. A second season will premiere next year.


Tyler Trosper
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