UPDATE: While nothing has been confirmed or denied either way, GameStop has pulled the listing for Tales of Hearts on their website. This happened a few minutes after this article was published. We hope to get more information as this develops.

Tales of Hearts R - GameStop | oprainfall

Tales of Hearts R may be coming to Western regions — or at the very least to North America. And if a recent listing is to be believed, it will be a GameStop exclusive, similar to that of Xenoblade Chronicles.

Tales of Hearts R is the Vita remake of the eleventh flagship game in Namco’s Tales series. It originally released in 2008 on the Nintendo DS, but didn’t receive a North American or European localization. The remake released on March 7th, 2013 in Japan. It has also been mentioned as the game that series Producer Hideo Baba wants Western gamers to experience.

While this is an exciting prospect, take this with a grain of salt. Nothing has been made official by either Bandai Namco Games or Sony. And a listing at GameStop doesn’t necessarily mean that the game is coming, but it is a good sign. Also of note, the game is listed as Tales of Hearts instead of Tales of Hearts R. However, this could just be the Western name of the game since Bandai Namco didn’t release the original in the West.

Tales of Hearts R - GameStop Exclusive | oprainfall

We’ll let you know more as things develop.

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