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Have you ever sat down to play a Hitman game and thought to yourself, “Do you know what this needs? Turn-based strategy gameplay!” If you answered ‘yes,’ then Square Enix of Montreal has the game for you in their upcoming title: Hitman GO.

Set to be released sometime in the next few weeks on smart phones and tablets, Hitman GO is stated to make it so “you really have to think about each move.” The game is said to include all of the tools and skills you’ve come to expect from the series, including using disguises, distractions and “even 47’s iconic Silverballers.”

When reading about this game, the first title that comes to mind is Metal Gear AC!D, a title that also blended stealth/action gameplay with strategy elements, and was rather successful, so the idea of taking Hitman in a similar direction may not be as strange a thought as it seems on the surface. I’m curious what the readers think. Hitman fans or not, does this sound like an interesting title to you? Feel free to comment below.


Former Contributor Nathan Stiles
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