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KEMCO have just released two games on mobile devices, one on Android, the other on iOS.

The first is a totally new game which goes by the name of Journey to Kreisia. It follows the story of Yusis, a boy in high school who finds himself in the land of Kreisia. He must accept his destiny as the Savior and defeat the nefarious Overlord, aided by his travelling companion, a priestess named Cynthia.

Journey of Kreisia is now available at the special launch price of $3.99 (usually $7.99) on Google Play. Check out the official website here. Journey of Kreisia was co-developed with EXE-CREATE.

Journey of Kreisia KEMCO Mobile

The second game is an iOS port of a game already released on Android devices, Chrome Wolf. Kruz is under orders to suppress an army opposing his kingdom. Out in the field, he realises how cruel his superiors are. One of his comrades chooses to disregard military protocol, and Kruz is faced with a choice: should he continue to follow orders he knows are wrong, or should he join his comrade in rebellion?

Chrome Wolf was released on Android devices last month and is now available on iOS for the special launch price of $3.99 (usually $7.99). You can find its iTunes page here, its Android page here and its official website here. Chrome Wolf was co-developed with Magitec.

Chrome Wolf KEMCO Mobile

What do you all think of them? Any of you planning to pick these up, or maybe some other KEMCO games? Let us know in the comments below!

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