digimon tri

The cast list for the English dub of Digimon Adventure tri. – Chapter 1: Reunion is slowly being released by Eleven Arts. So far, the cast is a mixture of returning voice actors and replacements.

Here is the cast for the movie so far:

  • Johnny Yong Bosch as T.K.
  • Laura Summer as Patamon
  • Dave Mallow as Angemon
  • Tara Sands as Kari
  • Kate Higgins as Gatomon and Himekawa
  • Mona Marshall as Izzy
  • Jeff Nimoy as Tentomon, Kabuterimon
  • Cristina Vee as Meiko Mochizuki
  • Kate Higgins as Meicoomon
  • Robbie Daymond as Joe
  • R. Martin Klein as Gomamon
  • Philece Sampler as Mimi
  • Anna Garduno as Palmon
  • Mari Devon as Togemon
  • Doug Erholtz as Nishijima

Colleen O’Shaughnessy, who played Sora Takenouchi in Digimon Adventure, is rumored to be in the film as well, but this has not been confirmed. It is also unclear if Joshua Seth, the voice of Tai, will return to reprise his role.

The English dub version of the film premieres September 15 in 300 theaters in the U.S. through Fathom Events. However, if the English dub isn’t your thing, both the first and second movie are already available to stream on Crunchyroll, albeit split up into eight episodes. The third movie of the six part anniversary series, Digimon Adventure tri. Kokuhak, is scheduled to release in Japan on September 24.


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