Monster Hunter 4 3DS Bundle - Console

A brand new Monster Hunter 4 3DS bundle will be launching in Japan next month. It’s a beautiful sky blue, comes with a 4 GB memory card and a copy of Monster Hunter 4. The 3DS features a white picture of the game’s flagship monster, the Goa Magara, in its Feral Wyvern mode. This is the mode it goes into in the middle of battle. It makes the monster faster, stronger, and gives its attacks a longer range.

These 3DS’ will be launching in Japan on the 7th of November, and will cost 19,800 yen, as can be seen in the image above.

Is anyone out there as tempted to get one as I am? Currently I’m playing Monster Hunter 4 on my best friend’s 3DS and using it to write some cool new articles for you guys, but I’d like to have one of my own. That way, my friend and I can hunt together as well!


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