Mega Man X2 - oprainfall

Charge up those busters, because the next entry in the Mega Man X franchise is headed onto the Japanese Wii U Virtual Console. Mega Man X2 will be making its way to the digital shelves on October 8th.

Following the standard format of the Mega Man franchise, the game follows the Maverick Hunter known as X as he takes on eight different robot bosses and steals their powers upon defeating them. In addition to this, X can find special capsules hidden in certain levels that will upgrade his appearance and abilities. These include giving him the ability to air dash and store extra charged shots.

Mega Man X2 - oprainfall

Aside from the usual story, Mega Man X2 also features an optional sub-plot in which a group known as the X Hunters attempts to destroy X by drawing him out to collect parts of his friend, Zero, who was presumed to have died in the previous game. Defeating every X Hunter and collecting all of Zero’s parts will have an effect on the game’s ending.

With the original Mega Man X already on the US Wii U Virtual Console, it seems likely that this second game will be coming across the Pacific before too long. What do you think? Would you pick up this title if it did some to the US? As my personal favorite in the series, I know I would. Let us know in the comments.


Tyler Lubben
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