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Mist of Stagnation is a multiplayer real-time strategy/first-person shooting game with a Steampunk setting for PC or Mac with a $50,000 Kickstarter goal. The game promises to put players in a fast-paced game where two teams battle for control of the scarce resources that remain on the planet. Gameplay is based on teams that gather resources by holding Control Points and building upgrades for their teams. Mist of Stagnation promises to combine team game play, as well as the “Commander Hierarchy,” players can take direction from the Commander or choose to play as the Commander. Be careful when it’s your turn! Your team has the ability to mutiny and fill your position with someone else who might not let them down. 

The game offers several different modes from which to pick. Domination is the main mode found within the game, and is where the two teams will battle and collect resources. Attack/Defend and Team Deathmatch are also available, and offer a different way to play. Check out the gameplay trailer below to get a better idea of what the game has to offer. 

Features: (from the Kickstarter page)

  • Built on the beautiful Unreal 3 engine
  • Online Multiplayer game modes that will support 32 players
  • Large steampunk environments to explore
  • A large set of unique steampunk weapons
  • Unique characters to choose from all with their own voice, acting, movements and taunts
  • Multiple game modes
  • Huge focus on teamwork, without crippling a team that lacks it
  • A familiar first person shooter play style that is easy to jump into and understand
  • In-game tutorial and hint system that won’t break the immersion
  • An expansive RTS side of the game that will be adaptive to FPS players, while giving RTS fans a chance to get very tactical
  • Mod Tools with full documentation of our system
  • Streamworks Integration (pending Greenlight approval)

Mist of Stagnation 2

The following perks are available to anyone who pledges a certain amount towards this project. There are many other options and perks available, as well. For a full list, see the Kickstarter page.

Mist of Stagnation Kickstarter perkMist of Stagnation Perks

Our very own Josh Speer recently had the privilege of sitting down with David Gates, Project Manager of Osiris Studios, and talk a bit about the game. You can read that interview here. Mist of Stagnation has a Kickstarter goal of $50,000 and 22 days to go.

Mist of Stagnation | oprainfall

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