A couple of cool things have come to light regarding Monster Hunter 4. The first is the game’s built-in quest maker.

While exploring the Unknown Forest, using the game’s search function will cause it to generate a random quest. Clearing this quest will turn it into a Guild Quest, meaning you can play it via multiplayer. They can also be shared via StreetPass.

Up to ten of these quests can be stored at any one time. Clearing the quest will cause it to level up, so the quest becomes more difficult, but the rewards get better. It’s also worth noting that this is the only way to get “Excavation Equipment”, which is different to regular equipment. These quests may also contain monsters not found any other way.

Monster Hunter 4

Secondly, Monster Hunter: The Real will be returning to Japan for a short time.

For those who have never heard of it, Monster Hunter: The Real is a Japanese exhibit dedicated to Monster Hunter. Last year it attracted many of the Monster Hunter faithful with its weapon and armour replicas, awesome merchandise, and Well-Done Steak flavoured popcorn. There were even 1:1 scale Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos statues out front to greet hunters as they walked in.

The latest Monster Hunter: The Real exhibit will be happening in Japan during the spring of next year. It will see Capcom partnering with Universal Studios Japan, and it’s making me want to take a trip overseas just to go check it out.

Monster Hunter 4 will be releasing on the 14th of September in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS.

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