MonHun Great Hunting Quest

During Capcom’s Network Game Conference, the developer announced their multiple iOS, online, and PC offerings. While some are questionable, others have potential, like their three Monster Hunter spin-off mobile and browser games.

Along with Monster Hunter Frontier G being released on the PS3 and Wii U, Capcom is working on a “monster intercepting strategic role-playing game” titled Monster Hunter Mezeporta Reclamation for browsers. The game takes place on the mainland of Mezeporta, Monster Hunter Frontier G‘s main hub, and pits players against the threats of the towering beasts that Frontier G is famous for. Instead of going toe-to-toe with the monsters, your objective is to rally the townspeople and fellow Monster Hunters to keep the beasts from wreaking havoc throughout their beloved village. The online servers for the browser-based game are set to launch summer 2014.

Monster Hunter Mezeporta Reclamation
Interesting visuals!

The next announced Monster Hunter game is for the mobile crowd, releasing October 29th. MonHun Great Hunting Quest is a trading/battling card game, but with a Bust-A-Move twist! Your chosen cards are shot out of a launcher Bust-A-Move-style, causing damage to the beast based upon your card. As an added bonus, mini-games, based upon activities in the main Monster Hunter franchise, will be implemented to give you a break from the daily card-battling grind.

MonHun Great Hunting Quest
Or maybe I just like Bust-A-Move too much…

The final game Capcom announced includes the fan favorite little critters Felynes. In MonHun Always Felyne Life, the player is thrust into the role of the Felyne race and their quest to satisfy the tiring king of all Felynes. You’ll go about this by besting mighty beasts and catching tasty fish. A nice feature of this iOS exclusive is being able to collect and sport equipment found throughout your quests. While it’s mainly for cutesy purposes, equipment collecting will add some longevity to what sounds like a short and simple title. MonHun Always Felyne Life will release November 26th.

MonHun Always Felyne Life
Felynes…Felynes everywhere!

Although these games are a huge departure from the usual Monster Hunter offerings, I’m sure Japanese users will be pleased, since there is a larger audience for those genres there. Do any of these upcoming Capcom offerings in the Monster Hunter franchise seem interesting to you? Let us know in the comments.

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