Gaist Crusher: First Print Edition FEATURED

Yesterday afternoon, the Gaist Crusher official website updated with information regarding the game’s release date and a special “First Print” Edition. Here’s the relevant information from the site courtesy of Will, our translator:

Gaist Crusher will be released on December 5th. The price for the normal version is ¥4990. And a first print special edition, which retails for ¥5990, comes with a special 3DS/3DS LL cover that you can put a Gaist Gear in, as well as a special box and download code for a Gai Metal monster called the Dark Durahan.

Gaist Crusher: First Print Edition Bundle

There’s a look at the Special Edition. “But what’s that ‘Dark Durahan’ he mentioned?” I’m glad you asked.

Gaist Crusher: Dark Durahan Screen 001 Gaist Crusher: Dark Durahan Screen 002 Gaist Crusher: Dark Durahan Screen 003

It seems to be lightning-based. I assume, like many of these “special edition” type gear, it’s the equivalent of starting off the game with a rare weapon/set of armor that will make early hurdles quite a bit easier to tackle. According to the website, it is “hard to obtain it” normally, so players who get this bundle are sure to be at an advantage.

Are you eager for more information? I’ve compiled various bits of information, art and screenshots here. And I’m in the process of doing even more research, because the fact that Treasure is behind this game is honestly making me consider an import review.

Gaist Crusher: Dark Durahan Art

Maybe I’ll buy a Japanese 3DS LL and that snazzy bundle, eh? I’m not too sure how much of a chance we have of this game coming to the West, considering E.X. Troopers never was a thing over here. Only time will tell. Expect more information and input as I can gather it all.


Jonathan Higgins
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