Monster Hunter Frontier: FEATURED

Monster Hunter Frontier G | oprainfall

Monster Hunter Frontier G, originally available on Xbox 360 and PC, is making its way to PlayStation 3 and Wii U, as well. The PS3 is getting the game on November 20 and the Wii U is getting it on December 11. The game will be free to download, though players will need to pay ¥1400 (roughly $14.28) per month. Capcom is giving a free trial period, however. The game will also come in a Beginner’s Package for ¥6090 ($62.10), which will include different pieces of equipment on each platform. The PS3 will get Stauros Sword, Rondo Sword, Klaus Hammer, Rune Hammer, Crossbow, Ewen Bow, and the Metry Series. The Wii U will get the Adonis Lapis, Melgai Desolf, Noctabult, Verona Massa, Genea Regilung, Genea Doule, and the Amiro Series. The Wii U will also get GamePad-only play, Pro controller support, and possibly some kind of 3DS functionality, though this is not yet confirmed. The PS3 version could have trophies, though this has also not been confirmed. There’s also talk of exporting Xbox 360 progress to the other platforms.

Monster Hunter Frontier G | oprainfall

All in all, it looks like fans of Monster Hunter Frontier G are in for a treat this Holiday. There’s still no indication of a Western release, but we’ll keep you posted if and when a localization announcement is made.


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