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One of the more interesting games at PAX was Burden, described by one of the developers as “Shadow of the Colossus meets tower defence”.

In Burden, you are instructed by the gods to defend mysterious giants from the armies trying to bring them down. In order to do so, you must utilise the glowing points on the creatures’ bodies to create defence mechanisms. There are foes both on the land, trying to scale the beast and attack it from its body, and in the air, trying to bring it down from out of reach. You need to create a balance of melee and ranged mechanisms to successfully fend off these attacks.

The visuals for Burden look very nice indeed, and were what initially drew me to their booth. It will be explained why we have been tasked with defending these giants in the future, but for now, it remains a mystery. This game shows great promise, and I can’t wait to see what Pixelpickle do with it.

Burden is planned to release for PC, Mac, Ubuntu and iOS. You can keep up with its progress via Pixelpickle’s official blog, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Burden - Banner

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