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When we received the heartbreaking news I promised Project Rising Beetle would continue onwards with getting Medarot 7 localized, and we’re going to fulfill that promise! We’ve relaunched the localization campaign section of the site to include British publisher Ghostlight. Now, Ghostlight only operates in the United Kingdom which might concern some Medarot fans, but rest assured that if the company were to pick up the title I’m certain someone else would release it in North America. So, why did we choose Ghoslight? It’s simple really, they have an existing relationship with the publisher of the Medarot games, Rocket Company as they published Crash City Mayhem for 3DS. That title was released in North America by Majesco, but we’re not pursuing their support due to their game catalog not typically going into niche Japanese titles like Ghostlight’s history.

Ghostlight doesn’t have a forum like Natsume or other niche publishers so you’ll have to send them an email, and we’ve written up a stock letter to send:

Hey guys, I’m a huge Medabots fan and was wondering if it was possible for Ghostlight to pick up Medarot 7 on 3DS. You have experience working with Rocket Company, the publisher behind the game, as your release of Crash City Mayhem demonstrates. Medabots fans the world over have been campaigning for the game’s English release for a long time, and we hope you guys can help us! A localization for the UK would almost certainly solidify a release for other English speaking markets.

Thanks for reading!

We’ll also continue our campaign for Natsume’s and other publisher’s support.

Project Rising Beetle
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