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The folks at Gaijin Games have rhythm. I suppose nothing makes this more evident than the draw of Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien. Indeed, my favorite of the BIT.TRIP games broke off from the path and had a sequel released for all major platforms. I imagine many a fan of Gaijin Games were curious about DLC for Runner2. Today, your questions will be answered—and according to the Press Release, there will be many a jaw on the floor.

Runner2 will be receiving a second chapter called “Good Friends”, as DLC. It’s going to feature seven new characters that Gaijin Games will reveal starting today and leading into Wednesday. I’ll be keeping this post up to date with their reveals, but for now—stare in wonder.

That’s right: Raz from Psychonauts and Quote from Cave Story will be among the seven new characters featured in the DLC. It’s going to be entertaining to see how Runner2’s antics affect these (and more) beloved indie characters. Steam owners can find out this Thursday when the DLC is released. And a console version is soon to follow!

Take a look at the Press Release below. And keep checking back here as more characters are revealed!


Gaijin Games announces indie-tastic DLC for Runner2

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – July 8, 2013 – The world of BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien has just grown a little bigger. Gaijin Games has announced the Good Friends Character Pack, a soon-to-launch piece of DLC that introduces several well-known and well-loved video game characters to the shenanigans of Runner2.

The Good Friends Character Pack will feature seven new characters in total, and we’ll be revealing them a few at a time this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Wait, you’re telling me today is Monday? Well I should probably get with the revealing!

Here are two of the characters that will be included with the DLC, introduced via awesome animation and the dulcet tones of the wonderful Charles Martinet:

[videos seen above]

How far has your jaw dropped? If it’s touching the ground, you may want to lift it up a bit. Lord knows what kind of vermin are crawling around down there.

In any case, we’ll be revealing two more characters tomorrow, as well as three on Wednesday. Then, this Thursday, the DLC will launch on Steam! And worry not, console owners – a release for Wii U, PS3 and 360 will follow. Rad!

Gaijin Games is an award-winning San Francisco- and Santa Cruz-based video game development studio that focuses on making unique gaming experiences for discerning humans. Founded by Genuine Men, Alex Neuse and Mike Roush, Gaijin Games has been responsible for tickling the world with its rhythm-music eccentricities since 2008 with their IGF award-winning BIT.TRIP series and the console version of the IGF award- winning lilt line. In addition to rhythm-music stylings, Gaijin Games has also branched out into the puzzle genre with their Robotube brand, recently launching BlokTonik for the iPad. Moving forward, Gaijin Games aims to bring their special brand of entertainment to all platforms, console and otherwise. More information about the studio can be found at

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