Chaos Rings

Famitsu has revealed that Chaos Rings, a JRPG that originated on iOS and Android devices, is going to be released on Playstation Mobile. In Chaos Rings, you can control up to two characters in your party to fight huge monsters that may take up your entire screen.

As your characters attack enemies, you will decrease the enemy’s break gauge. The break system works similar to Xenosaga Episode III’s in the sense that when the gauge is depleted on the enemy’s side, they will be temporarily weakened and your attacks will be stronger. The same rules apply to your characters as well. Being a game that originated on smartphones, the game was controlled via the touchscreen. Now that Chaos Rings is being released on Playstation Mobile, it will be optimized for use on the Playstation Vita. It has not been made clear whether or not the game will make use of the Vita’s front or rear touchscreens or the buttons.

Chaos Rings is coming out in Japan in July and will cost 800 yen (about $8). No other announcement has been made about the game being available in other regions.


Justin Guillou
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