Moon | oprainfall

Moon | oprainfall

Today is a happy, happy day for fans of portable FPS games in general and Renegade Kid specifically. Known for not only popularizing FPS games on Nintendo handhelds but for practically creating the market for them, Renegade Kid is best known in that genre for Dementium, Dementium 2 and a game called Moon.

Released in the interim between the two Dementium games, it was a creepy, sci-fi FPS with great graphics, gameplay and atmosphere. Moon essentially improved upon everything that the original Dementium did, despite receiving some mixed reviews. I personally was a huge fan of Moon, and eagerly anticipated a sequel that never happened.

Five years later, my wish might finally be granted. According to a tweet by Jools Watsham, one of head honchos of Renegade Kid, they will regain the rights to Moon from publisher Mastiff games in 2014. I can only hope that this means that Moon will finally get the sequel it deserves, especially after the cliffhanger we got at the end of the original. I always expect great things from the fellows at Renegade Kid, and thus far they have constantly delivered. Until we receive news one way or the other, I’m going to fondly remember and possibly replay this unknown gem.


Josh Speer
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