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Ethan: Meteor Hunter | Oprainfall

Sony has just announced that a new downloadable game called Ethan: Meteor Hunter is coming to PSN.

Developed by Seaven Studio, Ethan: Meteor Hunter is a 2D puzzle platformer. You play as Ethan the rat who recently got hit by a couple of meteorite fragments. Going by comic book universe rules, it gives him powers instead of killing him. Now he can stop time and move objects around without touching them. Ethan will use these newfound powers to solve a variety of physics-based puzzles. As you progress, Ethan will learn new abilities as the puzzles get increasingly more complex.

Compulsive PSN shoppers might notice the similarities between Ethan: Meteor Hunter and another PSN game called Funky Lab Rat, developed by Hydravision. Give yourselves a pat on your backs if you did catch that, because Ethan is developed by the same guys who made Funky Lab Rat. Since Hydravision’s closure back in September 2012, seven of its former developers got together and formed Seaven Studio. Before the closure, they were working on Ethan and decided that a studio closure wasn’t going to stop them from finishing what they started.

Hydravision is best known for developing the survival horror series ObsCure back in the mid-2000’s. Their last credited retail work was the Wii and PlayStation 2 versions of Alone in the Dark back in 2008. The studio appears to have made a comeback, sans seven developers, as Mighty Rocket Studios. Their first project is to reboot the first ObsCure game into a 2.5D action game titled Final Exam.

Ethan: Meteor Hunter is slated for a late summer release for the PS3. If you would like to see the game on Steam, you can also vote for it on Steam Greenlight.


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