XSEED Games has announced on Facebook that they’ve added two new titles to their online store and lowered their prices. Remember when United States retailers were selling Pandora’s Tower for $10 off? Well, XSEED has added the Wii action RPG to their store (which, likewise, ships only within the U.S.), and will be selling it at the exact same price of $30. If you’re on the fence about the game, you can read our review before deciding. But we believe you’ll make the right choice and enjoy the game anyhow.


XSEED has also added Ragnarok Odyssey for the PlayStation Vita to their online store. It comes in two versions: the standard edition and the slightly pricier Mercenary Edition. The latter comes with a 92-page “Mercenary Guide” containing artwork and boss strategies, a soundtrack containing over 30 songs, and a random selection of Monster Cards. The standard edition is up for grabs at $30, while the Mercenary Edition is running at $40. Be sure to read our review before buying the game.

Personally, I would take the Mercenary Edition for all the supplements you get for that price. But if you want the game by itself, you’ll be all set with the standard edition because Ragnarok Odyssey has enough content to make its $30 price tag a total steal—unless you’re waiting for Ragnarok Odyssey ACE, that is.

So if you couldn’t get Pandora’s Tower or Ragnarok Odyssey before, you can get them now for less and directly from the publisher.


Andy Na
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