Chronos Materia logo

Chronos Materia logo

The latest issue of Famitsu recently revealed some more information regarding the upcoming Vita RPG Chronos Materia, which is being developed by Gust. Not unlike Radiant Historia, this game will have a time-travelling mechanic that lets you go back and forth through certain points in the game and change how certain events play out. One of these events that you can alter include a fire burning down a forest village.

Chronos Materia screenshot Chronos Materia screenshot
Images courtesy of Famitsu

Nothing about the combat system for Chronos Materia has been revealed yet, but there will be an item synthesis mechanic that allows you to create various items. Items and experience are also retained while you jump around through time, so it’s possible to go back to certain boss fights that were previously giving you a hard time and stomp them with some +5 Spiked Steel Boots of Pettiness.


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