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There’s no lack of games out there that have you shooting down, hunting, or otherwise trying to do harm to zombie-kind. Understandable, what with all of the brain eating. But how many games switch up the scenario and have you playing as a zombie yourself?

Indie developer Ragtag Studios has announced that their action-adventure title Ray’s the Dead is being brought to the PlayStation 4. Players will control the main character Raymond la Morte, a zombie who can’t remember anything about his life before waking up undead. Who killed him? How did he end up a zombie? It’s all a mystery to Ray, so it’s up to you to help him hunt down the truth. And maybe some humans in the process.

One of the interesting parts of Ray’s the Dead‘s gameplay is that you can actually raise the dead using an electric current produced from the light bulb on Ray’s head – either by using graves you find or by resurrecting your fallen enemies. Different zombies have different abilities that you will need to successfully win battles and solve puzzles, so stay sharp and keep an eye out for new allies. But this game isn’t all zombies all the time. You also can also play through Ray’s memories of his human life as he rediscovers who he is.

Ray’s the Dead looks like a fun twist on the zombie game genre. Look for it on PC, Max, Linux, and now the PlayStation 4 (release date to be announced). If you like the sound of the game, consider giving a vote on Steam Greenlight.


Angela Hinck
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