In among all the E3 hype Nintendo has been hiding a special surprise up their sleeve, and when the words “Virtual Console” are mentioned, retro gamers know they are in for a treat. It has been announced that on the 19th of July these there will be three new additions added to the Virtual Console for Wii U. These titles have been released for the Virtual Console before but are making there way to the Wii U Virtual Console for Wii U owners to enjoy.

New for Wii U Virtual Console - Super Mario Kart

We all know that every time a new console from Nintendo comes out, it is usually followed up many of the various Mario titles. Well, today it was announced that Super Mario Kart will be heading to virtual console on Wii U for all to enjoy. Originally released in 1992 for the Super Nintendo, Super Mario Kart is definitely worth revving up for.  Super Mario Kart will cost  800円.


The next addition is Ninja JaJaMaru-kun. Made in 1995 for the NES this game is all about ninja stuff like throwing shurikens and saving princesses. Well actually, it was supposed to be JaJaMaru-kun’s brother doing the saving but that’s beside the point, ninjas. Ninja JaJaMaru-kun will cost 500円.

Wrecking crew

The final title heading to Wii U is of course Wrecking Crew, a 1985 NES title. This title was released for 3DS Virtual Console in 2011, but soon you’ll be able to enjoy this on your Wii U. Contrary to the idea of Wreck It Ralph, Mario actually uses his hammer to smash things in this timeless game . Wrecking Crew will cost 500 円.

And there you have it. So far these titles have only been announced for Japan, a well educated guess would say that these titles heading to western shores won’t be far off, though. What would you really like to see added to Virtual Console for the Wii U?




Jodie Langford
Jodie joined the Oprainfall Staff as a translator during the winter of 2012. If you see an article on the website with an entirely Japanese source, odds are she’s had a hand in bringing the information to you! She enjoys most RPGs, especially Monster Hunter and Pokemon.