Killer InstinctThe upcoming revival of the Killer Instinct franchise for Xbox One will be a free-to-play downloadable game. Only Jago, the ninja we’ve seen beating down a werewolf in past E3 trailers, will be playable from the get-go. All of the other characters featured will have to be downloaded separately for a fee. No details on pricing has been revealed as of yet.

The series has a total of 15 characters thus far. Most modern fighting games offer at least that many, and it is unlikely that Killer Instinct will have any less than that. When provided with a best-case scenario, where each downloadable character would end up costing $0.99, the game could cost gamers at least $15, which is a rather reasonable price. However, the pricing trend for downloadable characters in fighting games has run the gamut. Prices have ranged from around $2 per character, as seen in Street Fighter X Tekken, all the way to $5 per character, as in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. At such prices, a full roster for Killer Instinct could end up costing gamers upwards of $30 and $45, respectively.

Killer Instinct, developed by Double Helix Games and published by Microsoft, will be available for download on the Xbox One’s launch day.



Karli Winata
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