Mari in Entry Plug Close Up

Fanimecon was ready for the Angels and Second Impact with a fan-made Neon Genesis Evangelion 1:1 ratio entry plug. Over Memorial Day weekend, cosplayers and anime enthusiasts alike gathered in San Jose, CA for the Northern California anime convention, Fanimecon. While it is hard to steal the light from an Evangelion cosplayer, this fan-made entry plug brought down the house.

Mari in Entry Plug

The life-size entry plug built by Lionel Lum, a prop-making veteran of over 10 years, took roughly three weeks to build. To build it, he used materials available at home department stores and craft shops. Not including the orange plastic pieces, the whole project only ran about $300. Dis-assembly is required, but it easily comes apart and is ready for transport in the trunk of the car!

Asuka in Entry Plug

In 2010, an official Neon Genesis Evangelion entry plug was built in Japan, to which Lum’s entry plug stands its ground.

Japanese Entry Plug

Cosplay videographer Ackson featured the entry plug in one of his latest videos of Fanimecon complete with many Misatos, Asukas, Reis and even a few Maris for good measure.

If the entry plug wasn’t already fantastic on its own, these gorgeous ladies will be sure to get the LCL going.

Entry Plug Group Shot

Photos by Lionel Lum.


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