Folks, I often get to bring you some truly awesome game news, but today I get to bring you, what is to date, the best news ever! Operation Rainfall is superbly proud to announce a brand new partnership with Language Automation, Inc. (LAI).

LAI Partnership

LAI and oprainfall will be working together to help get games our readers are interested in, localized! First, we’ll find out what games our readers would most like to see localized through a series of polls that each and every reader will have a chance to vote on. From there, LAI will offer their services at a special discount to publishers whose games were selected through this process, should the publishers decide to localize the games.

Basically what will happen is that we will publish polls targeted at specific game companies, with a list of games that are yet to be localized, and let the readers decide which games should take priority in our efforts. This endeavor is something that each and every one of you can help out with and be a part of. We want any vote cast to represent an actual promise to purchase, so don’t vote on games if you won’t buy them! We will also be promoting the chosen games in other ways such as website articles and perhaps even contests.

While this is in no way a promise of any game being localized, your vote for a game means that a localization company will be reaching out to the game’s publishers, meaning this could be the best chance for localization that game will ever have. This partnership has us more excited than we can truly put into words because of the prospect of more games being available for all gamers.

The polls are expected to start sometime this month and we are anticipating a high participation rate with each poll. Included below is the Press Email that LAI has provided. Read, enjoy, and feel free to ask as many questions or have a small party in the comments below.

Language Automation Inc. 

LAI has worked on projects with Sony, Ubisoft, Sega, Konami, and more. Some of the RPG titles they have worked on include Wild Arms 2, Cy Girls, LostMagic, Lunar Genesis and Enchanted Arms. For those who would like to learn more about LAI, you can check out their website.

Press Release

Language Automation, Inc. (LAI) and Operation Rainfall have announced a partnership in which special discounts will be offered to publishers whose games are selected for localization by LAI through Operation Rainfall’s activities. Operation Rainfall (OpRainfall) will be kicking off a new poll this summer to jumpstart the partnership, and results will be used to reach out to relevant developers and publishers in order to demonstrate market potential. The more gamers who vote, the more likely these games will be localized for the North American market.

Operation Rainfall is a movement that played a part in successfully bringing three games from the Japanese market to US and European markets – Pandora’s Tower, The Last Story, and Xenoblade Chronicles. Language Automation, Inc. is a video game translation and localization company that celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. Some of LAI’s clients include Sony, Ubisoft, Level Up!, and RenRen Games.

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