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With well over $10,000 past its initial $40,000 goal, Darkwood — the indie survival-horror game by Polish developers Acid Wizard Studios — is now fully funded at Indiegogo. The game is currently backed with over $50,000, and it still has plenty of hours to go before meeting its deadline. The last time we reported this game, we got a glimpse of its pre-alpha gameplay footage, along with fears of the unknown.

In Darkwood, you assume the role of a character who finds himself in an alternate reality in Europe, some time at the end of the 20th century. You have no idea if you are having a nightmare or if you are losing your mind, but the mysteries may become clear by following an orphan child who knows of your past. Darkwood is an adventure game at heart, with its top-down perspective and non-linear exploration; its emphasis on mystery and its eerie atmosphere are what establish a survival-horror experience. The game also incorporates RPG and rouge-like elements, alongside item crafting and improving skills.

The creators don’t want to hold anything back, as they seek to make this game both challenging and satisfying. Players are required to plan ahead and think tactically in order to survive, as the game incorporates permadeaths and randomization for every visit to Darkwood. There is a lot of discovery involved in exploring the world of Darkwood, and players’ senses will work against them when reality and insanity blur.

Acid Wizard Studios built this game using the Unity Game Engine, and plans to release the game for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Darkwood looks incredibly promising, and hopefully we may see great progress and a lot more polish, as the game is successfully funded by its backers.


Andy Na
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