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Vanillaware’s new 2D beat-em’-up game, Dragon’s Crown, has been making a buzz around the gaming industry. With a steady flow of information being released, would-be adventures are becoming more and more hyped up for this D&D successor. Once again, Vanillaware has released more info on Dragon’s Crown‘s gameplay and customization options, detailing the playable characters’ weapons and items.

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Vanillware reveals that the weapons in our adventurer’s hands won’t be the only tools that can unleash damage, as pick-up items will litter the dungeons. These interesting looking tools will come in variety of shapes and sizes. They can be found in crates, treasure chests, or simply picked up from a defeated enemies. These tools will not have an infinite amount of uses, however. They will shatter or simply become worthless when they take too much damage or run out of ammo.  This gameplay aspect will be familiar to those who have played other 2D beat-em’-up games like Final Fight,  Double Dragon, or the already mentioned Dungeons & Dragons arcade series.

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While the tools on the battlefield are interesting, it is the primary weapons that will be your main line of offense and defense.  These weapons can be upgraded, found in dungeons for future appraisal, or bought at the item shop. Like the dungeon items, these weapons will not last forever when you are slicing and smashing enemies. They have a set durability, which, at the moment of complete depletion, will cause your weapons to break and leave you with a undependable paperweight. Luckily, unlike the dungeon items, you can repair your weapons at Morgan’s Second Hand Magic shop… For a  generous fee, of course. These weapons will also give you more options for customization, as not all the weapons will have the same shape or design.

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Vanillaware has also released preview images of some of the 50 Treasure Arts that players can unlock on their journey. Seemingly depicting some of the sexier, if not truly dangerous villains that you will encounter, these illustrations have the familiar style of George Kamitani, the art director of Dragon’s Crown. This beautiful artwork is unlocked after completing certain guild requests.

Dragon’s Crown will be released on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita on July 25 in Japan, and on August 6 in North America.



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