Kill All Zombies

Kill All Zombies hits PS4 today (October 28th) for $13.99 on the PlayStation Store, placing you somewhere in a distant future where a new sport has emerged. You will find yourself in an arena, with hordes of hungry zombies unleashed. It’s you against them, but there’s more. If enabled, others can spectate as you play and affect what happens in the game. They can help you survive longer, or potentially the opposite, as they vote for what types of zombies or obstacles to unleash and how many. It’s possible you could find yourself against a horde of over 1,000 zombies, so you’d better be ready to move!

The horde can grow over time as waves of additional walkers enter the arena. If you don’t keep up with killing them, their numbers will continue to grow and make life more difficult for you. There are also the more formidable boss monsters that come with certain waves. They are much stronger, and therefore much more dangerous. You will need to rely on evasion tactics to keep some distance between you and them as you try to whittle away their health. The bosses have unique attacks and each boss also has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Kill All Zombies
The boss monster wants you dead…

Kill All Zombies also features a perk system that can help you survive longer. Details on each perk can be found on the perks selection screen. For example, “The Duke is in Town” perk gives a one-shot effect that provides a huge explosion, whereas the “Ice Ice Baby” perk provides a short-lived effect that freezes bullets. The “Heavyweight” perk has an effect that is permanent for the duration of the current session and increases your attack power at the cost of some movement speed. As you can see, it is strategically important to choose your perks wisely to advance in this game.

If you have Broadcast Mode enabled, other players can watch a live stream of you playing and vote on what things may happen next. They can vote for more or less zombies, random weapons, random events, and much more. The spectating players can vote via the Live from PlayStation interactions panel, from the Twitch website, or by typing the name of their choice in the chat window (the chat commands are listed in the manual). Spectators can vote on perks as well, and if you choose the most-voted for perk by your spectators, you get extra experience points (the game has a level up system).

A massive horde hunts for your brains
A massive horde comes for your delicious, gelatinous brains

Those pillars may protect you from the pair of boss monsters
Those pillars may protect you from that ominous pair of boss monsters

Today’s PlayStation Blog post by Alexey Menshikov (Founder and CEO of the game’s developer, Beatshapers) also says that Kill All Zombies will receive free updates after launch, adding additional game modes and content.

To recap, this game launched on the PlayStation Store today (October 28th) for $13.99. Zombies go pretty well with Halloween and this game has a cheap price tag to boot, so it may well be a good game to get for a little Halloween fun!

Are you ready to be the world’s first zombie gladiator? Or will you lose your brains and join the horde?


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