Digimon World Re: Digitize Decode | OpRain

Though many in the West will probably have a really hard time remembering the last Digimon game they have played, this is not the case in Japan. Namco Bandai has been providing Japan with new titles from the  franchise, and it will continue towards this goal with the 3DS port title Digimon World Re: Digitize Decode. The Japanese developer has since released a second trailer for Digimon fans to drool over.

This second trailer shows very little gameplay compared to the first, as only a few shots of the battle mechanics are highlighted.  However, the trailer does showcase the colorful cast of characters, some story cinematics, and many classic designs that long-time fans should recognize. There will also supposedly be some guest appearances from Namco Bandai’s other series, like female Tekken fighter Lili de Rochefort. With voiced anime cinematics, a large colorful setting, some promised multiplayer, and evolution forms that would make even Charles Darwin cry, Namco Bandai will be bringing more Digimon to its eager fans.

Digimon World Re: Digitize Decode will be due out in Japan on June 27 for the 3DS portable. No information on a possible Western localization has been released, but hints have shown that there is a possibility since Namco Bandai has filed for trademark on the term Digital Monster and Digimon World in the West. Will we be seeing a new Digimon title in the West soon? We will just have to wait and see as new developments come in.


Samuel North
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