Retro Wrap-Up

After sitting down to record Episode 17 of The Downpour Podcast, Randy and I decided the two of us had to sit down and play some Streets of Rage 2 via the wonderful online co-op featured in the PS3/360 version(s) of the game. You’ll be able to hear about what went down when Episode 18 comes your way tomorrow, but…suffice to say I’m feeling a little nostalgic. In today’s Retro Wrap-Up, the stand-in for the Operation Rainfall Retro Commercial Research Team (in other words…not me) offers a healthy way to deal with all that pent-up aggression.

Why was Streets of Rage 4 never a thing? Be on the lookout for something a little different after all the 90s love.

Here are the highlights from this past week:

To start off, Josh Speer reviewed Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move. Not to be outdone, Phil Schipper reviewed Dillon’s Rolling Western: The Last Ranger and contributed this week’s Games of the Past Review on the two Zelda: Oracle games (By the way, those are headed to the eShop this week. Everyone as pumped as I am?).

What big news came from this week? Hmm. I wonder. Okay, besides the obvious one (and the “historic” franchise that may grace this new system), there’s more to say. Fire Emblem: Awakening could have been the last entry in the franchise. Could you imagine me without Fire Emblem to constantly gush about? Also, Square-Enix is…well, up to something. We had a bunch of E3 line-ups from XSEED and other publishers come out this week, but… Soraya Saga gave a nod to Nintendo’s E3 Direct. Suffice to say, we may be hearing more about “X” in a few weeks. Last but not least, here’s Hideo Baba to shed some light Tales of Symphonia‘s Perfect Edition.

Original content? Glad you asked, folks: In the latest installment of Jeff’s Musings, Jeff contemplates the games he’ll let his nephew play when he starts gaming. Also, there’s Building Character: Princess Garnet. (Who doesn’t love Final Fantasy IX?) And last but not least, Will Whitehurst handled this week’s Anime of the Past feature on Interstella 5555.

What a crazy week! I’m sure there’s more insanity where that came from. Until next time, ladies and gentlemen, may your week be free of notorious crime syndicates and…crazy red muscular men with war paint that frequent hotel elevators.

Jonathan Higgins
[Former Staff] Jonathan parted ways with Operation Rainfall on June 15th, 2014. You can follow him on Twitter @radicaldefect.