NeoGeo 01For those NeoGeo X owners who were lucky enough to get their hands on the limited edition entertainment console, SNK Playmore has not forgotten about you. To compliment the already 20 NeoGeo classic games that came with the console, the NeoGeo X is will be receiving a massive “Mega Pack” containing 15 titles on June 25th in North America.

For those who don’t want to purchase the “Mega Pack” collection but still want some NeoGeo titles, you can also buy “Classics” packs which make up the “Mega Pack” separately. There are five of these packs and they will contain three NeoGeo games each.

You can read this list to see what NeoGeo fans can expect in their purchase of the “Mega Pack”, and the separated “Classic” packs.

  • Vol I: SengokuMetal Slug 2Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy
  • Vol II: Samurai Shodown IIISavage ReignSuper Sidekicks 3
  • Vol III: The King of Fighters ’96Blazing StarKizuna Encounter
  • Vol IV: Garou: Mark of the WolvesShock TroopersWorld Heroes 2 Jet
  • Vol V: The Last BladeBlue’s JourneyArt of Fighting 3

Each of the five packs will come with a travel charging cable, a system update that offers control tweaks, numerous audio fixes, and will even include a new save state feature.  There is no confirmation on how much the “Mega Pack” and the five “Classics” will actually be, but according to Amazon, the “Classics” will each run $24.99, while the “Mega Pack” will go for $79.99. Though it’s hard to trust Amazon on this, as they seemed to have incorrectly listed the release date as June 6, a date that contradicts the one on the official press release.



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