Dragon's Crown
Dragon's Crown
So many elves, so little time


Some more information and screenshots for VanillaWare’s new 2D fantasy beat’em up, Dragon’s Crown, has just been revealed. In this new update, we get info on new NPCs, equipment, quests, and most importantly, the multitude of customization options. The list of these character customization choices is going to be quite staggering and will let any player with an imagination (and a calculator) build the small adventure group to their liking.

Here is what VanillaWare, and its publisher Atlus, will showcase in Dragon’s Crown.

  • There is a “Game Master,” voiced by Takashi Taniguchi in the Japanese version, who will be your guide in your Dragon’s Crown adventure.
  • The game will begin at the Dragon’s Paradise bar, where all six selectable characters are gathered at a round-table. When you make your selection, you’ll be able to customize their color, voice, greeting message, character selection message, revival message, and their dying message.
  • There will be two AI partners supporting you as you progress through the game: A Rogue named Rannie, who opens treasure chests, locked doors, and carries your loot; and a Fairy named Tiki, who will serve as your navigator.
  • When you enter a town, you’ll be able to visit various facilities that will help you on your journey, including party organization and shopping for items.
  • Dungeons will be a big part of the Dragon’s Crown experience, since that is where you’ll gather new weapons and armor, earn experience points and money, and complete quests.  Sometimes an event scene will also occur while you are exploring, like meeting new characters like the barbarian warrior Roland.
  • More customization options will come with Skill Points, which will be earned as you gain experience through fighting monsters and completing quests. These points can be used at the Adventurer’s Guild to learn new skills.
  • There is going to be a rather large cast of characters to meet as you progress through the game. Some characters will be important to the story, like Princess Vivian, Prime Minister Gustav, and the Royal Prince Dean of the Hydeland Castle. While others will play supporting roles that will help improve your chance in surviving your adventure; like Morgan Risley who runs the magic shop, Samuel who is the head of the Adventure Guild, and Lucian, a wizard who lives in the Old Tower laboratory.

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Dragon’s Crown is due out for the PS3 and PS Vita on August 6th for North America.


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