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A Tumblr user who goes by the username “KameDaniRyuu 亀ダニ流” has translated the Japanese Iwata Asks for Bravely Default Flying Fairy and released it via his Tumblr blog. In this Iwata Asks, Iwata interviews Tomoya Asano, Producer for Bravely Default, and Naotaka Hayashi, who was in charge of scenarios for Bravely Default, on the challenges that come with creating a new fantasy RPG and how they overcame these challenges.

One quote from the Iwata Asks really stuck out to me as Tomoya Asano explains the purpose of each main character and how all of them have a very important role in Bravely Default’s game system as well as the story.

“Tomoya Asano: The truth is each of the 4 characters stories is created to fit elements of the game system.  First, the main character’s motivation is that “he wants to rebuild his destroyed hometown.”  However, it would take say 1000 hours to rebuild so it would be futile by himself. Using Streetpass, we made a system that increases the town’s population so with 2 people it would take 500 hours, with 4 people it would take 250 hours, and so on.  The town’s restoration pace is planed to exponentially increase.  In short, the main character, when it comes to his design, is the character we gave the wireless functionality…”

“Another character is the girl who made her debut in the first demo with the AR functions.  Her motivation is to purify the world’s 4 crystals.  In other words, she is the character we gave the main story…”

“Another character is the daughter of one of the bad guys.  Each of the jobs in Bravely Default is tied to a boss character and the system is you can get that job after you defeat the boss.  Since she is the daughter of those enemies’ leader, she is given the drama of the sub quests of going to collect jobs from her father’s subordinates.”

“The last character is a young man who has lost his memory.  He has a book that has the future written in it and the player can read that book at any point during the game.  He is the character given the mysteries of that book as well as the drama of searching for where he comes from.
In this way, each of the four characters has an important element of the game worked into them.”

Bravely Default is set for release in 2014 in America, and sometime in 2013 for Europe.

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