Blastball 3DS
Nintendo’s Blastball was played during the Nintendo World Championship

A brand new game was revealed for the Nintendo 3DS during the Nintendo World Championships. Blastball is a brand new game made exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS and was one of the games played during the Nintendo World Championships. The game is a 3 vs 3 soccer style game with first person shooter mechanics. The graphics were colorful and were bright with a futuristic environment and style. The arena showcased looked quite small. The game had players piloting mechs and shooting a ball towards the opponents goal. Players can also use their mechs to block the ball, but in the process the player is sacrificed. This could potentially be a fun multiplayer experience. We hope to learn more information on Blastball during the Digital Event on Tuesday.

Would you play Blastball? What are your thoughts on Nintendo’s new game? Share us your thoughts and reactions.

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