It’s not uncommon to see Hollywood celebrities get typecast, when they play a specific role or a unique character for a long period of time, fans sometimes just can’t picture them being anything else. For David Jafee, creator of the well know Twisted Metal and God of War series, it might be the time where he is going to become synonymous with car combat games.

Having joined independent game developer Pixelbionic, David Jafee is now the creative director for their upcoming PC online multiplayer game, Autoduel; a car combat title that will pay homage to the likes of the Twisted Metal series and the car combat genre as a whole. Jafee is quite thrilled about working with Pixelbionic,  having said “I was super excited when I heard Pixelbionic’s vision for Autoduel. As a huge fan of the genre, I’m really looking forward to contributing to the game’s vision and design goals.” With Jafee on-board, Autoduel does have an advantage of being led by an experienced game director, especially one that defined the genre itself.

Autoduel, which is going to launch its Kickstarter campaign for crowd-sourced funding soon, will combine team-based car combat with RPG-influenced progression and customization. Autoduel will take place in a post-apocalyptic future, where players are going to be given control of warriors who battle one another in tricked out vehicles that will be armed to the teeth. Pixelbionic promises fans that there will be 20 unique cars for use, all divided among the three warring factions in the game – the Ratters, the Scavengers, and the Techies.

As for Pixelbionic itself, in the press release that was shown today, they describe themselves as being the anti-thesis of today’s major game publishers, who will create games like Autoduel which typically get ignored and will leave its doors open to independent developers that are fans of  the genre. It’s a lofty goal that many independent developers are striving for today, as complaints of overbearing publishers have started to reach an all time high.

Be sure to watch out for Autoduel as more information is released. You can find Pixelbionic’s own website here, which also has their press release, to get the run down on their future plans.


Samuel North
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