Puzzle & Dragons Z | oprainfall

Puzzle & Dragons Z | oprainfall

You probably have heard about Puzzle & Dragons Z by now, the 3DS adaptation of the massively popular Android and iPhone game Puzzle & Dragons released last year in Japan. As we’ve shown in previous coverage, it is a delicious hybrid of Bejeweled, Pokemon and Shin Megami Tensei. Now GungHo has provided a new gameplay trailer to show off some advanced gameplay tricks.

Apparently, the goal is to conduct battle by connecting Drops, which is done by moving the stylus around the screen. Looking at the trailer, you have a limited amount of time to do so every turn, and by successfully matching 3 or more Drops, you will initiate monster attacks. If you connect Water Drops, then your Water monsters will attack, Fire Drops for Fire monsters, et cetera. If you can align 5 Drops at once, monsters of that element will attack ALL enemies on the screen at the same time!

As in most puzzle games, the goal is ultimately to match multiple pieces at a time and performing cascading combos. Doing so will make short work of most enemies, as it will trigger an avalanche of attacks. Puzzle & Dragons Z is heading to Japan this Winter, and should hit the Western market sometime thereafter. In the meantime, enjoy the following gameplay trailer!


Josh Speer
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